Friday, January 7, 2011

~the most thing that i love most in 2011~

in 2011 nih, da cm jemu r ngn Facebook, just update cket2 jek..
smpi da xtawu nk wtpe da ngn FB tu..nk lyn twitter xde kwn..
nk lyn formspring pon xde kwn g..sign up jek la lbh..
kah3...pape pon, now da de new thing yg ak ak bring along wherever i go..
my dear diary! hak3..mcm2 bnde de dlm tu..a.k.a my soul la..
klu hilang that diary, mmg meraung guling2 la ak..
everything written inside dat, no need to write what in my mind kt FB lg kowt..;D


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