Wednesday, June 16, 2010

unpredictable huh~~

what do you think about 10 years??
do you think it was a really long term period??
but for me...even its was a really long time..
it's really worth for me..
hak3...=D somebody may say..
"hey rara, nk tggu lme2 watpe..
carik jek len..bkn xbole dpt org len.."
and others may also say
"ek eleh rara, da 10 thn xkn xde improvement kowt..
adoiyai... ko nih..let go jek la.."
mcm2 org ckp about the 10 years rite..
but, pepatah melayu de m'gatakan..
"alang-alang menyeluk pekasam,
biar sampai ke pangkal lengan"
btl kn??? dats the principles i always bear in my mind..
hak3...konon jek..
tp btl la, da 10 thn kn...
better juz follow the flow..
if de rezeki, why not try it..

n recently...i had made somethng that really unpredictable.. first mmg juz nk wt dat things b'coz nk avoid from
being bothered by ntah sape2 stranger ntah...
n mmg sgt2 xsangke SI DIE nk approve pulak..
(actually i request in relationship with him kt FB
kwang3...n noe wht...
rmi gle org komen for our changed status..
tp plg byk kt page die la..
cian pulak tgk die kne bahan BAEK PNYE ngan kwn2 die..
i pon kne gak kaw2 pnye ngn my dearies2 i 2..
n i noe, they care for me..
dlu"aku ko"....and now "awk org" kah3...
kdg2 engt blik rse nk gelak jek..
bkn men ssh g nk tuka nickname 2 dlu.. siap ckp buang tebiat la..
gile r...skang... n xpsl2 msk sem nih ak kne bahan g la ngn my house8.. kui3...=P
but. doesn't matter...
i'm happy now.. yeaaayyyyyyy =D

Monday, June 7, 2010

last weekend was da best n wonderful weekend i eva have..
but, it also da full of guilty weekend 4 me..
supposely i have 2 attend my ex- course8 wedding..
but, unpredictable..
i had 4get my henpon..
n yg plg xbole blah..
i had accompany my opis8's sister coz her husband gone 2 outstesen..
lg la penin2...pusing2..crik idea cane nk get back my fon..
n tell my fwen dat i do not ve my fon wif me..
n plg xbestt...i xengt even 1 no my fwens pon..
except nades...
ayoyoyoyoo...seyes case nih...
in addition , i supposely kne jmpe SI DIE..
nk bg lapy nk soh format kn..
hancus2...gara2 g damansara.. time kne list gak bnde yg plg penting kne bwk...= HANDPHONE...
n now, xpsl2...diba n helmi majok ngn ak..
da la ak yg iye2 nk jmpe they'all...
jaat la ak nih...dush3...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 magnae ss501 is coming back..

finally, my magnae is coming back 2 c me..
love this MV and this song so much..
magnae, u r really man in this MV..

all my dearies girlzz...L.O.V.E them damn much

really grateful to know all of them...
sweet+caring+daring+cheerful+cute+easy goin..
lurve them much2 more..
they're "NURUL NADIRAH a.k.a nades"
"NADIRAH a.k.a yaya"

"ANIS ADIBAH a.k.a diba"
"SUZIHA a.k.a ziha"
gils u had completed my life..
i think we're born to befriend lorh..
bdw, like wht i had posted on my fb dat day..
friendship like a puzzle in my life..
each of u are the pieces..
some are in the center..
some are in the boundaries..