Friday, January 20, 2012

Career Woman

Being a career woman?? not as easy as u think..(trust me)
ceewaahh...intro kne gempak la kunun..
actually, bkn sng la..sbb kte kne byk sacrify..
in term of hang out with ur bff..looking for BF..
attending senior's with family..
trying new recipes..watching movie(but this 1 salu wt curik2)
n the most important thing, going out for WINDOW SHOPPING..
errrmm.. a lot, bkn sng kn..
tu sume bnde2 yg women suke
tp actually being a career woman nih byk benefit la..
first : surely la gaji masyuk..bole supin bnde2 branded
second : xde mase nak wt bnde2 x b"faedah
third : ur parents must be proud of u
fourth : rmi org nk ngendeng ngn kte..mentng2 kte byk duit kn..rmi la nk wt kwn..
fifth : dpt byk knowledge
sixth : train us jdik lbh strong..
seventh : etc la..(since so far tu jek yg rse2 ak dpt)

klu nk tgk btl2 byk disadvantages over advantages..
its depend on u la sbnrnye..on how u manage ur life..
ok la..smpi sni jek la..just isi mase lapang sementara tggu client siapkn account, u should determine ur own career..;P nngeeee